Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Zero Point...!

Awakening to Zero Point
By Gregg Braden

This book is for everyone who feels that something is about to happen. For those who have that feeling of being on a speeding train that is quickly coming up on its NEXT stop and they wonder “will I remain on board for the second part of the journey?”

The basis for this book is the concept that the earth goes through cycles just like anything else. These cycles are not only restricted to “ice ages”, continental plate drifts, tides, etc. These changes are expected to be the shifting of the magnetic poles resulting in what the author calls the “zero point”. Magnetics are interrelated to all humans as physical and spiritual beings. We are all connected to everything and we are all a direct reflection of the magnetic / energetic harmonics of the earth. As the earth changes its magnetic poles it will also change its vibratory harmonics. There will also be a reduction in the magnetic field, theoretically freeing our minds to greater thought and opening us to new perceptions of other realities coexisting with us now. Those of us who are “ready” will reflect that change and be given the opportunity to “ascend” to the next level of understanding and being. Those who are not may find life more and more confusing and difficult. The lead up to the zero point is a time of innovative thought and openness to more unified concepts. But along with this new thinking, come greater conflict among the humans due to those not ready for the shift. Confusion and friction will make the world a tortured place. But the end state will be a world of compassion and understanding to rival anything that humans have ever witnessed before.

Braden offers a guide in the way of explaining what is happening, when it may happen, and what signs you should look for to better put you in touch with the approaching zero point. There are parts of the book that have been shown to not be relevant to metaphysics or mysterious occurrences. But at the time that he wrote the book, many people were hopeful that the new activity was a message from higher beings, mystical or other worldly.

This book was last printed in 1997. I don’t know if this book is still available, but if you are interested look for it. It is an easy read and definitely has good info to make you think about where you are today and where you are heading…

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