Friday, December 5, 2008


Did God create the first sin by creating a setting for sin? If God had placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden without any boundaries, how would the story have played out? “Be fruitful and multiply…” is a permissive/encouraging statement. “Do not eat…” is a restrictive statement creating a ‘this or that’ scenario. Now a decision making process must occur. One of two choices is available; not eat – carrying on without fear of the ‘threat’ (‘or else…’); or eat – and be in violation of the restrictive statement. Without the restriction (with out the tree…) there would not have been an opportunity to commit an error. God created sin through the establishment of ‘rules’ and restriction. God brought/introduced ‘evil’ into the world… The question is “Why?” and to what ends?


Ben and Krystal said...
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Ben and Krystal said...

Maybe so there will be opposite in all things...evil so we know good, dark so we know light, pain so we know pleasure, maybe sin so we know forgiveness...that is if you believe that nonsense in the first place! :)