Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year Gym

I have to thank all the people who made New Year’s Resolutions this year to get in shape.  Normally, the first month and a half of the New Year brings with it an over-crowding of the gyms.  Everyone has saved their fitness goals for the New Year (can’t have a happy holiday without gorging on seasonal foods).  This desire results in an influx of inexperienced, half-hearted workout neophytes.  They wander around the fitness floor like lost children in an enchanted forest; wide-eyed and confused by the mysterious machines and chunks of steel.  What does this machine do?  How much weight should I be using?  (Yeah, that is probably too heavy for you…)  How much longer should I ‘work-out’?  These zombies shuffle around from machine to mat to bench.  They sit on the machines or with weights at their feet while they talk to their partners or search their iPod for that elusive track which is going to motivate them.

But not this year.  I do not know if they all realized that this yearly cycle of hope always leads to physical discomfort and have decided to not participate in this year’s pantomime.  Or, maybe they are joining the latest fitness fad, P90X, Zumba, jazzercise…or whatever.  Either way, Thanks!  I am still able to walk into my gym and nail my flesh to an anvil!

Good luck, fitness novices!

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